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Sport As an Art Form?


The combination of extraordinary skills combined with a “never give up” attitude seems to draw a connection between an athlete and an artist – or does it?

Stunning sporting moments are watched over and over again, often using slow motion and zooming capabilities to appreciate their unique expression. While commenting on these clips, spectators can catch themselves using the same kind of epithets as may be used to comment on an art form – beautiful, amazing, astonishing, virtuous, lucid, or emotional. Is there, however, truly any basis for drawing similarities between art and sport?

To define each would not do much regarding this debate as there are likely as many definitions as there are fans of both, leaving the identification of the values and key aspects of both to see where, or if, they connect as the only other approach.

Inspiration as a condition

Inspiration is the impetus of art, its cornerstone, a basic prerequisite for the creation of a piece of art. It is the artists’ way of expressing themselves, fulfilling a basic human need in their own particular way according to their own rules. Of course there is some sort of framework that shapes the work of art in its formation, but the associated rules can often be mixed and even ignored. The artist decides what direction to take his creativity, while the public choose whether they like it or not.

Such freedom of will is not granted to athletes, who have to follow a clear set of rules that have been set by someone else. Their space for manoeuvre is considerably narrower than that of the artists. To distinguish their talent in a large crowd of similar individuals, they have to grind their skills tirelessly and possess a specific kind of intelligence or lucidity for understanding and foreseeing how a game will play itself out.

A critical point for both sports and art, however, is that the amount of inspiration an individual feels separates the best from the average, assuming that each has developed certain skills that allow for achievement of a specific intention.

Aesthetics in sport

While aesthetics is a basic principle of art, there are also some aesthetic elements in sport. Yet there is a difference in the types of sport that place an especial value on aesthetic form and the ones that put emphasis on the end result. The difference in aesthetic value modifies what the type of sport is and its functional frame, which in turn defines how specific sport enthusiasts will most enjoy its manifestation.

The motivation for watching or playing sports is often different than the purpose of observing a piece of art. While entertainment seems to be the major incentive when it comes to sports, art offers its spectators a various range of benefits that often leave them pondering. This mixture of feelings and questions that may come after an interesting exhibition separates art from sports as they not only stimulate the eyes, but the mind itself.

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